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About Addington Equipment, Inc.

Addington Equipment, Inc. is a custom welding/fabrication shop with the goal of providing implements or equipment to make our customers jobs easier whether they work on a small farm, in wood lots, mowing to reclaim pastures or landscaping operations. Our grapple rakes were the first of their size to hit the market and have provided us with a loyal customer base who appreciate quality products. We are currently developing tractors with convenience and versatility in mind.
Our Company
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Addington Equipment, Inc. was established with the goal of providing implements to make jobs easier for small end farms, forestry and landscaping operations.

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We continue to strive to meet our customers needs and provide custom implements and conversions that fully meet their requirements. 

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Our ROPS and FOPS guards and belly pans provide operator protection and also protection for the machine. 

Environment & Sustainability

We have always had the environment in mind as we build implements for smaller machines.  This enables the operator to preserve those environmentally sensitive areas while doing their jobs.

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